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  • Helen (Thursday, September 08 22 09:37 pm BST)

    I came to Jon a year ago. I had read extensively about super slow training and was not able to find anyone in the UK who was trained in this specialty. I was recommended Jon by a colleague and never looked back. I have had many false starts in terms of training was never able to stay the course. Jon was able to get me into training and commit to health and fitness.

  • Les Clarke (Wednesday, September 07 22 10:06 pm BST)

    I've know Jon for a very long time and he's always been a perfectionist in what ever he does and HIT training and coaching is no different. He got me into weight training when I was 14 and I've been doing it ever since. If we had known this system way back then we would not have had to spend the hour and a half 2 hr train sessions 3x per week we used to do. I'm grateful to Jon for discovering this system and getting me back into a system that only needs to be done once a week or twice if you feel you need it for around 30 mins and get results in months that we didn't get in years. Jon's a great instructor he's got time to explain the technical aspects of the exercise you are performing and the patience to help you through if you've not quite got it. Being a one to one session too helps you concentrate on what you are doing without the feeling you are being watched by other gym goers. HIT is dam hard work if you do it right but the rewards are well worth the effort. Jon will make sure you make the effort but in the safest way possible.

  • Ann (Monday, September 28 20 10:53 am BST)

    I am a 60+ female who retired a year ago having worked in health and education for 40 years. Despite doing a little exercise I had a rising blood sugar level, a raised cholesterol and suffered from ongoing back problems following an injury in my 30s. I wanted to live a healthy retirement so following a recommendation I looked into the science behind Jon’s strength training programme and thought it could help. It did! My blood sugar is now within the normal range, my cholesterol level is improving and having just completed a 26 mile hilly cycle without any backache or leg ache I am a stone lighter and ready to get out & do more. Jon inspires you with confidence and his gym is the least intimidating exercise venue I have ever been in. This has all been achieved in one 30 - 40 min session a week.

  • Shamsh Suleman (Friday, January 10 20 09:46 am GMT)

    I am a retired GP with an interest in outdoor running and looked for a way to engage in Strength Training as a means to improve. I found Jon on BARK and after a few email contacts, I started on a weekly session 6 months ago in his Private Gym on a 1:1 basis. I have found Jon to be very knowledgeable and professional in the approach to this form of training, providing information and evidence to support his training methods. After the initial assessment he created a program to bring in the 5 key exercises and has built on this as he felt appropriate. I have found the process of this training engaging and Jon's support and encouragement has been great and is just what was needed to help me move forwards and feel more confident in my running. The results are in the numbers, for example, in 6 months I have almost doubled the weight I can leg press to the correct protocol and I now find there are hills I can conquer which were a challenge previously. For those who follow VO2 Max, mine has increased from 38 to 42 in 6 months , having been fixed on 38 for the previous 6 months. I think it is important to recognise that this is not Aerobics, Weight Training or Body Building, although body building is one of Jon's training skills, but as his logo clearly states, it is "Strength 4 Health", delivered professionally by a trainer who understands the individual needs of people. I would highly recommend him, his facilities and this form of training.

  • Angeliki Lekka (Thursday, October 31 19 07:32 pm GMT)

    Very professional job! Jon is very good in what he is doing! His clients bodies change in a few months,they look well built and strong.

  • Kath Griffin (Friday, October 04 19 08:20 pm BST)

    In Feb this year I had a major heart attack, 3 stents fitted and 20 mins after being back on the ward I had a cardiac arrest, 2 days later my heart went into AF. Following this I was referred to Action Heart for cardio rehab. I attended there from April to date. It has helped a lot, however, I felt very tired after each session and worn out with no energy. Prior to my heart attack I had never been to a gym or did much exercise at all. I just felt I needed something else but wasn’t sure what? My son said to look for a personal trainer that would give me a program designed to suit me. I search on the internet and a web site called Bark. I had a couple of responses but was a bit concerned about the trainers experience with heart clients? So I sent a private message to the first one that responded to my request asking if they had any experience working with heart patients? The reply I received from Jon sounded exactly what I wanted, he asked me to checkout his website. I looked at other reviews and was impressed. At the time I was very nervous as I’d never had any heart problems prior to my attack and it left me feeling quite depressed and worried.

    Since mid July I started going to sessions weekly and the improvement in my strength, mood and motivation has increased at least 70% from where I was following my heart attack.

    I couldn’t recommend Jon highly enough and he has helped me improve my physical, mental and emotional health. Needless to say my confidence too. I am so much stronger now and when I go to Action Heart I can do so much more, I have more stamina and much more strength after working with Jon.

  • Dennis Johnson (Monday, July 22 19 08:28 pm BST)

    After reading all the comments I was very impressed with the type of training Jon is capable of giving to people with varying health issues. I am now looking forward to joining in the near future

  • Anna Murphy (Wednesday, May 08 19 05:10 pm BST)

    I've been training with Jon for a couple of months now. I got interested in strength training as a way to deal with an injury which damaged nerves in my pelvis and made left side of my body weak. The results already have been great and Jon is a great trainer. When I've been unable to do an exercise he's suggested changes which allow me to continue to work that muscle group. I'm delighted with the improvements and my left side is measurably better. What has amazed me in a short space of time is a positive change in body composition. I didn't expect to feel so toned after a short time of once a week workouts.

  • Harry (Thursday, April 25 19 03:30 pm BST)

    Since strength training with Jon, the pain I suffer with from Fibromyalgia has declined somewhat over a period of 4-6 weeks.

    The mental benefit is great, after just one training session you’ll begin to realise what you’re really capable of achieving.

    You can’t go far wrong under Jon’s watch, his attention to detail and discipline is immense, and you will train in a comfortable and controlled environment.

    I have certainly felt a gradual increase in my level of physical strength and I am now mentally prepared for success, and the results are there to see.

    Everyone needs an experienced mentor, teacher/guide, I truly feel that I’m on a journey to better health with Jon. I feel more confident and proud that I am taking better responsibility of my future health.

  • Bernie (Saturday, April 20 19 09:08 am BST)

    I was advised to see Jon following a rugby injury in order to regain my strength. After training with him for just over a year, I have reached my original strength level (preinjury), if not feeling slightly stronger than before.

  • Bob Sims (Monday, January 14 19 05:15 pm GMT)

    I am a 62 year old hodgkin lymphoma sufferer.
    I had 6 months chemotherapy and relapsed after 12 months. Followed then by a stem cell transplant.
    I have been working with Jon for nearly two years on a resistance training regime
    A weekly session for the first 10 months, I now have 2 sessions a week.
    The gains are impressive my strength well being and confidence are better than for a very long time.
    Jon is totally professional knowledgeable and passionate about the fitness techniques he teaches.
    I am a Senior Design Engineer and do not buy into fads widely shared, short term and without an objective basis.
    But having just past the landmark 5 years in remission post transplant, I am sold on
    Jon and his techniques.
    I would urge anyone to just give it a try.
    Highly recommended.

  • Tim Jackson (Wednesday, November 15 17 09:43 am GMT)

    John knows his stuff, his strength training programmes are making a big difference to how I train.
    Making me feel better and strong
    I urge you to try.

  • Sara Elias (Wednesday, July 19 17 06:01 pm BST)

    I met Jon at a very hard time in my life, I'd not long had major open heart surgery at the age of 42 ! Trying to get back into my running I kept having to stop because my legs hurt so much and I was having a job to breathe. 4 sessions of strength training with Jon as part of my rehab programme, I've now been able to run 1.9miles and 2.5miles without stopping. As Jon said....the proof is in the pudding. Jon is my cardiac rehab & I look forward to working with him a lot more.

  • Sandra Hill (Friday, September 16 16 06:46 pm BST)

    I am 60 years old and after suffering a lung tumour and brain tumour I was referred to a rehab centre,left side of my body very weak due to the tumour very overweight and using walking aids,where I
    was introduced to Jon ,18 months later I am 60 lbs lighter, healthier,stronger and fitter than I have ever been, Jon is an expert in his field, and is dedicated to strength training and to the well
    being of his clients. Thank you so much Jon

  • Mrs rae (Wednesday, September 14 16 09:07 pm BST)

    Where to start ,after years of yo yo dieting and unhealthy eating and no exercise I found Jon a personal trainer who helped me in all these aspects started training in October and lost a stone and
    dropped a dress size in time for Christmas. Feel much healthier and feel so much better in myself THANKS SO MUCH JON

  • Colin Millward (Saturday, August 13 16 06:20 pm BST)

    I am a 75 year old who has suffered with heart problems, CLL (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia) and Anaemia. I have been doing strength training with Jon for around a year now, doing only 1 session per
    week lasting around 30 minutes. It feels like my strength and fitness has increased 3 fold. I thoroughly enjoy the training and have never felt so well. I have total confidence in Jon and I think
    more people should try this type of training.

  • Andy Fowlie (Friday, August 12 16 10:55 am BST)

    I am a 62 year old who underwent heart bypass surgery in 2013. I have been working with Jon for just over a year on a resistance training regime coupled with a specific micro stretching programme. I
    only have a session once a fortnight with Jon , but the gains have amazing. Not only have I increased the amount of weight I can use, but my body stability and flexibility has significantly improved.
    Jon is very professional, and is knowledgeable and passionate about the fitness techniques he teaches. Highly recommended.

  • Kate Grainger (Saturday, August 06 16 07:53 pm BST)

    I have been working with Jon for about a year now. He is tough but also very patient.. He makes you want to get the best out of yourself.. and is very inspiring.. Apparently I have almost doubled my
    body strength. No pain.. No gain.. Thank you!!

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